Finding Support (& Soldiers) At Target

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It’s our third trip to Target to buy bras in as many years. Some people go to church for support, others drink; we buy ours in the intimate section of a chain store. Equally-new support devices line my mother’s lingerie drawer at home, but we’re back today with a mission and a game plan. Okay,… Read more »

A New Adventure of Advocacy

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It’s been about 18 months since I decided to make a life change and advocate for myself (and, coincidentally, since I’ve updated this blog, oy…). I took six months to do things I hadn’t done in far too long. I slept. I hiked and I kayaked. I laughed. I got healthy, mentally and physically. I… Read more »

Moments of Consequence

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Six weeks ago I resigned from my position at Outspoken. Since then I’ve been thinking more about the other moments that have shaped me along the way. Maybe it’s because I know I’m in the middle of A Moment right now – after all, saying “yes” to an…

For anyone who hasn’t begun…

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If you haven’t watch Ze Frank’s An Invocation for Begninners, carve out three minutes of your day and do so. There aren’t too many pure voices left out there on the Web. But Ze’s is one of them. And I couldn’t be happier that he’s back making vide…

Why I Made The Decision To Speak At BlogWorld

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It was the summer of 2008 when I received that first email from Rick Calvert. He was working to put together a Blogging for SEO panel at the second-ever Blogworld. Lee Odden had been tasked with casting it and, somehow, my name came up as a possib…

My Great Escape

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While I’m focused on separating the soggy label from my beer on a visit home, my dad recounts my childhood stories. Conjured up is Liz Farkas (my once-best friend), John Matthews (the boy who promised to marry me at 5), but then he mentions one st…

Growing Up Blessed

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Five days in New York City and my body, my brain and my mind need a break. Summoned down for business, I’m heading back to Albany fresh out of firm handshakes and forced smiles. I grab my bags, exit the Hilton on 6th, and hail a cab a few blocks a…

How to NOT Embarrass Yourself When Talking To A Stutterer

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Last week Twitter bud Ryan Knot sent me this video. In it, TED speaker Sharon Emery talks about the disabled listener and how the reaction of a fluent speaker (I like to call them “show offs” ;)) can impact a stutterer’s speech and the size of our…

Lessons from an Italian Father

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My father lives confined to the surgical bed in my parent’s den. A tough existence for anyone, but harder for someone who once ruled Barone Manor with sharp suits and an iron fist. A father who was always loved by his children but, if we’re being …

The King and Us, Myth and All (Video)

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As I mentioned last week I was asked to read my piece The King and Us, Myth and All as part of the Bookmark series that took place during Troy Night Out. My friend and follow unicorn Pam was kind enough to film it for me. If you’re interested, che…